Would you like to 
•    disciple teens
•    make a change
•    impact the future
•    transform communities

Gen Next has many areas where you could get involved
•    Local Ministry outreaches
•    OM Logos Hope Ship -  2 week volunteering
•    KOSH Area Missions workshops
•    Human Trafficking workshop
•    Missions Projects 
•    Join a local centre
•    Become a facilitator
•    Invite us to your school / Bible Group / community / Church

Give what is available to you
•    time – spend time with the kids, build impacting friendships during our sessions or on an outreach
•    finances – sponsor a teen to partake in the program, to go on an outreach, donate to a project
•    experience – we learn from watching others and doing what they are doing, come share what you have learned with the teens helping them on their journey
•    hands & feet – many hands lighten the work load, join us in leaving your mark as we transform communities and changing the next generation
•    resources – don’t know what to do with the extras at home, we may be able to use it to meet some needs in the teens lives and in the community outreaches that we are involved with 

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