GEN NEXT Facilitator's Programme

Consist out of 2 programmes

Pre- requisite for both programmes is Ancient Path1 from Family Foundations International. 

GEN NEXT Assistant Facilitator programme

People with a love for teenagers who wish to do youth work can enroll for the  GEN NEXT Assistant Facilitator programme. 

DURATION:  Full weekend training every 3 months till programme finishes.

After successfully completed the Assistant Faciltators programme the Facilitator Assistant will support the Facilitator when facilitating the GEN NEXT Programme.

The Assistant Facilitator will be responsible for a small group, directing and manage the group towards outcomes and youth development


GEN NEXT Facilitator programme


Anyone who wish to do youth work can enroll for the 3 month GEN NEXT Leadership & Facilitation programme. 

DURATION: 3 months full time programme.


is an interactive ,and practical youth programme with the emphasis on Biblical Worldview, Purpose & Destiny, dealing with the fundamentals of Christianity.

A biblical perspective is integrated into everyday issues, setting a biblical foundation against which every young person can make decisions and measure his or her own life.


After successfully completed the Coach, Mentor & Facilitation Training, learners will facilitate GEN NEXT Programme, to support participating church

and Christian organisations towards youth growth and youth development.

Coach -                             NQF US 117877 Level 3, Credits 4              Perform one-to-one training on the job
Mentor - 
                           NQF US 117865 Level 4, Credits 5              Assist & support learners to manage their learning experiences
Facilitation Training - 
    NQF US 117871 Level 5, Credits 10             Plan and prepare for facilitation 
                                                                                                                        Facilitate learning
                                                                                                                        Evaluate learning and facilitation

This training will enable students to not only facilitate the GEN NEXT Leadership Programme, but any given SETA accredited training Programme.

This generic Facilitator training course will equip learners with the required knowledge and skills to facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies in their field of expertise.

Accreditation and Registration
GEN NEXT Facilitator's Programme make use of accredited courses by the Education & Training Quality Assurer (ETQA) of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).


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