Churches and Christian based organisation who wants to use the Generation Next

Curriculum as a youth programme needs to register as a GEN NEXT centre.


Gen Next has trained facilitators available for your organisation training needs at a minimal cost.  

Alternatively the organisation should identify a FACILITATION TEAM. 


FACILITATION TEAM consists of at least one qualified GEN Next facilitator and one Gen Next assistant for 10 learners.

This assistant can be a youth worker or previous learner from the programme. 

Groups over 20 - 30 should have two qualified GEN Next facilitators with at least two Gen Next assistants.  

The facilitation team are 3 monthly updated with the needed information and training.



A minimal fee per participant is paid monthly.

Learner packs consisting of all the needed materials can be purchased. 


Contact Ria van Heerden

Tel:   018 4620220

Cell:         0607102769


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