It is disturbing to listen to the statistics of the total number of Christians converted to Christianity. 80% of all Christians are converted to Christianity before the age of 18 years old. Of these 80% of children 75% will loose their faith in the 1st year of university and 15% at the end of university. After the age of 30 years the statistics gets very dim and it is only grace and a miracle for someone to convert to Christianity in the view of the world population, 2012  7 billon people.

According to a report by the BBC, on average 17-25% of children in the western world are under the age 18 years and in Africa a staggering 56%. Worldwide 27,5% is below the age of 15 years.  What a tremendous challenge!

The question in the light of these statistics is how come that we as churches and Christian organisations spend so much time on everything else, but youth ministries. Knowing the effect that effective youth growth in the long run can have on church growth, why not combine all our effort and concentrate on our Youth.
One can speculate. Maybe we in churches is so concerned about the majority income of a church coming from a group that already are earning money and can contribute to tithing. Maybe the effort a youth ministry is consuming, maybe it takes a lot more time, effort, money and infrastructure.

Maybe, maybe ……
Maybe we are so ignorant that we do not grasp the effect that growth in youth numbers will have on church growth and the total Christian population in the long run.

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